Bercella’s Composites Dispenser Structure successfully in orbit onboard the Vega VV16

CFRP Dispenser Structure realised by Bercella for the innovative Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) successfully launched by Vega for European Space Agency: new opportunities for European space markets

Varano de’ Melegari (Parma), 3rd September 2020 – Early this morning Bercella shared the thrill of Vega’s VV16 successful launch of the innovative Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) from Kourou Space Center in French Guiana. At 3:51 local time, Vega successfully lifted off carrying into orbit the high-intensive CFRP Dispenser Structure realised by Bercella (Italy) for SAB Aerospace s.r.o. (Czech Republic) loaded with more than 50 microsatellites, the structural parts of one of which were also manufactured by Bercella.
The European Space Agency’s Vega programme provides an answer to the increasing commercial demand for small satellites. The flight aims at demonstrating the technical and financial feasibility of “rideshare” opportunities for small satellites being launched at once from a single modular architecture in order to split launch costs.

The SSMS Dispenser consists of a modular architecture, aimed at hosting multiple combinations of small satellites at once: an hexagonal lower section, with 2 deployers for nanosatellites on each side, for a total amount of 12 deployers and 46 Cubesats in total, and an upper section capable of hosting various configurations of micro, nano and mini satellites, namely 7 microsatellites for this launch.
Made from several large sandwich panels produced with Ultra-high Modulus Carbon Fiber Prepreg, the SSMS Dispenser Structure was designed by SAB Aerospace s.r.o and commissioned to Bercella for AVIO thanks to Bercella’s experience on large structures for the Space Industry, besides committment on optimum performance and lead times.
“We are extremely proud for our contribution to this milestone for European space industry. We welcomed the challenge with enthusiasm, putting at ESA’s disposal our solid process expertise and strong materials know-how. We are ready to strengthen Italy’s participation to Space market evolution, contributing as a key European player for Composites Structures for Space.” said CEO Massimo Bercella. “We praise ESA’s willingness to support European SMEs in this important step forward. SAB high professionalism, together with the committment of all players involved, helped managing such a complex project.”

The ambitious multiplayers project requested significant risk mitigation and process control, that Bercella could provide thanks to its integrated manufacturing efforts and in-house industrialisation capabilities.
The challenging size was managed through Bercella’s extensive manufacturing facilities, among which a 4m diameter autoclave and large CNC equipment. The project was also the opportunity to upgrade its Internal Lab with state of the art testing equipment, including an ISO 8 Clean Room.
Throughout the multi-year project, Bercella produced and tested almost 1.000 samples for materials and processes qualification, built and assembled the Flight Panels introducing significant performance optimization in the 2,5m diameter Main Deck, transforming its initial 4 parts design into a single-piece realisation.

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Bercella and Beamit announce Technological and Commercial partnership

Bercella and Beamit announce Technological and Commercial partnership

Varano de’ Melegari (PR), April 14, 2020 – BEAMIT and Bercella announce a strategic partnership to ramp-up business and research within the Aviation, Space, and Defense markets.

Born from the same soul, Bercella and Beamit share common interests in the high-end segments of the Aviation, Space and Defence Industries, where they provide turnkey solutions to top OEMs and Tier 1s.

Bercella specializes in advanced Composite Materials, whereas Beamit is the exact counterpart in the Additive Manufacturing industry. Both provide vertically integrated solutions, ranging from materials development and component qualification, to serial manufacturing

Together, they are exploring the potential synergies between these two technologies, and the disruptive structural optimization, with a particular focus on innovative joining methods between AM and CFRP parts.

The main activities will be on R&D projects for which the companies will equally contribute, with a primary focus on Space, Aviation, and Defence applications, together with a shared business development action.

“We are eager to team-up with Beamit and unlock new potentials for structural optimization.” said Massimo Bercella, CEO of Bercella “As Italian companies in a territory of excellences, we embrace every challenge determined to succeed. We always find a way, no matter the hassles. And in such a complex time, our common deep roots in the heart of Emilia Romagna will push us to step up driven by a sense of curiosity towards innovation.”

“In Bercella we found a high-professional partner capable to provide leading expertise in composites design and manufacturing for aerospace applications.” said Michele Antolotti, Beamit General Manager. “Despite the world economic consequences of the actual pandemic situation, joining forces it’s a strategic way to react and to support high-end companies into their ramp-up of new product development.”

This cooperation allows OEM’s and tier one’s to get access to an innovative solutions portfolio by joining AM and CFRP technologies. These vertical integration strategies unlock the possibility to optimize lead-time and cost, further, to leverage the maturity level of this unique value chain combination.

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About Bercella

Bercella is an innovative company leading in the field of composite materials since 20 years. It is specialized in designing, engineering and manufacturing large and demanding structures in Composites or Light Alloys, providing a 360°service, from early design to serial production. Relying on its flexibility and deep understanding of complex technicalities, strong know-how and solid experience, today Bercella serves successfully international clients and markets worldwide.

About Beamit

BEAMIT SpA is based in Italy, with more than 20 years of experience within metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) and more than 30 AM systems metal dedicated results in one of the major worldwide footprint in AM sector. The company is a highly trusted supplier of advanced metal AM-components to demanding industries like aerospace, automotive, energy and racing – and holds a number of relevant quality certifications, including AS 9100 for aerospace and NADCAP approval (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program).

Media Contacts:

Bercella: Massimo Bercella; ; +39.0525.53680
BEAMIT: Michele Antolotti, ; +39.0525.401281

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Space Tech Expo Europe, 24-26 October 2017

Space Tech Expo Europe: European Space Conference & Trade in Bremen, Germany.
Stand: C71.
24 – 26 October 2017

The free-to-attend Space Tech Expo & Conference is Europe’s meeting place for space business, technology & innovation. The three-day trade fair will showcase the latest from technical designers, sub-system suppliers, manufacturers and components through the systems integrators for civil, military and commercial space.

Composite Meetings Nantes, France, 8-9 November 2017

The leading business convention for composites materials.

2 days dedicated to pre-registered professionals!
Composites Meetings will take place on November 8 and 9, 2017!
EMC2 and abe-advanced business events are organizing the 6th edition of Composites Meetings. This B to B event will bring together users of composite materials and suppliers of parts and capabilities.

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FlyE-R, Aeronautica e Spazio in Emilia-Romagna

Bercella have been selected as one of leading aerospace companies of the region, to take part to this Workshop organized by University of Bologna, in collaboration with Aster and Serinar.

L’iniziativa, dedicata alle attività di ricerca sulla aeronautica e sullo spazio in Emilia-Romagna, vuole essere un momento di incontro tra il mondo accademico e industriale. L’obiettivo è di favorire la creazione di una partnership strategica territoriale, che giochi ruoli di maggiore rilievo in ambito regionale, nazionale ed europeo.

Dopo una prima presentazione della strategia europea e nazionale sull’aerospazio, la giornata si declinerà nell’esperienza di mappatura delle risorse disponibili – laboratori e aziende – della recente value chain regionale, per poi dare spazio ad alcuni case study di aziende che collaborano con il mondo accademico. Saranno inoltre esposte opportunità di formazione, fruibile anche a livello nazionale e internazionale, e di creazione di nuove start-up.

L’iniziativa è aperta in particolare a ricercatori, imprenditori, studenti e start-uppers esperti nel settore aerospaziale.

Al termine del workshop le start-up e aziende regionali Spacemind, Meeo, Zephyr, Studiomapp e Bercella esporranno nel chiostro della Rocca le proprie soluzioni tecnologiche.

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Improving R&D proposals to ESA

We are glad that we took part to this important event in ESA, to improve our ability to better comply with the standards of the Agency’s proposals.

ESA welcomed 28 Small and Medium-sized companies from 19 ESA Member States and Cooperating States to a hands-on course on better proposal writing at ESA’s technical centre in the Netherlands on 4–6 July 2017.

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Bercella at the Space Tech Expo in California

Come to visit Bercella Composite at the Space Tech Expo in California, BOOTH 9107.

Space Tech Expo & Conference is America’s engineering meeting place for space technology to showcase the latest from technical designers, sub-system suppliers, manufacturers and components through to systems integrators for civil, military and commercial space.

The Winning of Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona

We’re very proud of you!

There would have been no better debut for Dallara in the brand new category of US prototypes, the two DPi’s made in Varano de’ Melegari (Italy) have dominated the 24-hours marathon. Wayne Taylor Racing took the victory, with Taylor brothers, Jeff Gordon and Max Angelelli, who, in his last appearence as a racing driver, takes home a stunning result that saw him as an extraordinary protagonist. During the last hour, after rain, and the cautions of the middle stages, the two Cadillac teams competed against each other with overtakings, contacts, controversies and surprises.

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