Composites Layup – Motorsport

Composite Materials are waiting for you!

The course for the Processing of composite materials in Motorsport is a limited number and free access initiative, and the result of the partnership between Bercella and Experis Academy, which aims to train junior composite materials technicians, who know the entire carbon fiber manufacturing process and who are able to independently manage some specific phases that will be illustrated both in the classroom and by the Bercella technicians.

The training course aims to consolidate the theoretical foundations for the subsequent development in the laboratory of technical and practical skills related to layup operations, vacuum bag, autoclave, extraction, preparation and treatment of molds. It also provides the technical basics related to the finishing process of a previously laminated composite component.

The skills concern the concepts of High Quality Layup and Finishing, that is the way in which the manufacturing process is planned and managed in companies of recognized excellence in the field of composite materials processing.

The course includes theoretical and practical lessons: 1 week of theory in a virtual classroom and 3 weeks of practice at the C-Lab in Fornovo di Taro (PR).

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