Bercella challenges the desert in 2022 Dakar in Saudi

Dare to live the dream!

Bercella is in Saudi Arabia for the Dakar 2022 with MotorTecnica Racing Team and CMS SpA.

The two Italian companies have joined forces to manufacture the front bumper of the Mitsubishi Pajero MPR51, which takes part in the race – a fascinating challenge in the Saudi desert – inside the Classic section.

The bumper is entirely made of carbon fiber, while the mold has been made with CMS 3D printing technology.

Franco Bercella, founder and President of the company, says: “We couldn’t be happier than that! Bercella has speed in its blood, and we do not let the desert scare us, just as in 2021 we have successfully taken up and faced the electrification challenge. The Dakar represents a milestone of Motorsport and is in the Olympus of rallies, with its fascinating yet dangerous stages!

Today, being able to bring 3D printing technology and carbon fiber, together with CMS, in such an important race can only make us proud to raise the flag of Italy and the Motor Valley, widely represented by the presence of an established company, such as Acerni Custom Engineering.”

Follow us during the race, until January 14th!

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