Our Expertise

Bercella’s core is first and foremost represented by Composite Materials.

Bercella’s core is first and foremost represented by Composite Materials. Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar, Zylon, Quartz, PrePregs, Honeycomb, Nomex, Rohacell, Epoxy resins, Cyanoesters resins and Structural Adhesives are a daily occurrence here at Bercella. Composites manufacturing represents our origins and what we have been doing for the past 25 years.

Furthermore, Bercella vertically integrated several processes such as Autoclave, Filament Winding, Compression Moulding, CNC machining, Painting and, most of all, the Designing to drastically reduce the time-to-market for its customers.

Up to 2013 we refined and consolidated our deep knowledge of the industrialization process thanks to the countless projects we had acquired until then. Starting then, we matched industrialization with high-end Structural Design in order to offer a more textured service from the very beginning. In this way our clients can rely on a single company for both study and production of the components, reducing risks, lead-time and costs.

Our offer became even more integrated in 2018, when we decided to add a Material Testing Lab to our facilities, that now allows us to drastically reduce costs and time, always in the direction for the clients to reduce the risks connected to managing multiple suppliers.

When a project requires quality, precision and on-time delivery, we are ready.

When time’s tight and a solution is urgently required, we are ready.

Bercella represents all the flexibility, responsiveness and know-how that you need.

With the tranquillity of a one-stop-shop.