The world most challenging environment requires state-of-the-art production standards and high-level components made with an unimaginable precision. This is what pushed us to start our adventure in the Space Industry, and what still drives us today in our constant quest for self-improvement. Thanks to this attitude, we achieved our first goal to rapidly become the leading Italian manufacturer for the composite structures in the Space Industry.

Our clients portfolio goes from the main Governmental Agencies (ESA, ASI) to Large Systems Integrators (Airbus, Thales-Alenia Space Italy, OHB Italy), and many New Space Economy start-ups (Sitael, D-Orbit, GOM Space). What they all have in common is the will to rely on an accountable partner with structured multi-disciplinary teams and state-of-the-art technologies, that grants them the necessary support to successfully finalise their projects.

Bercella, being a one-stop-shop, can provide heritage, expertise, a large materials and processes database and the continuous involvements in new projects all under the same roof. We believe this is the best solution in order to optimise costs and time of production.

The main missions we partnered in the latest years:

  • Exo Mars: Drillbox case
  • Eurostar NEO: Semi-Rigid Solar Array Substrates, Yokes
  • Small Spacecraft Mission Service: Dispenser Structure
  • ION: Satellite structure
  • NAOS: Satellite structure