Get on board of ESA Vega VV16

On 3rd September 2020, ESA successfully launched its latest mission Vega VV16. More than 50 microsatellites contemporarily launched for the first time with multiple purposes, among which: Earth observation, telecommunications, science, technology and instruction.

This mission aims to be the forerunner for economic launches of small satellites, thanks to the multiple transportation architecture named Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS).

Vega, as a European project, involves a lot of UE Nations but Italy has the most consistent participation, with more than a half of the total orders.

Bercella realised one of the microsatellites aboard the Vega vector, and also the Main Deck structural parts. The project at the beginning counted 4 designed parts but then it has been modified until the realisation of only one 2.5 meters in diameter sandwich panel made of aluminium and reinforced with carbon fiber layup.

Thanks to Bercella’s expertise, the total weight of the launcher has been drastically reduced and the overall rigidity of the structure has been increased thanks to the single panel solution. This also led to an easier risk management.

Moreover, relying on Bercella’s one-stop-shop attitude and in-house production, the building process has been reduced in terms of time and costs.

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