Cobotechc: human inspired robotics

Innovation consists in coming up with new ideas and products to evolve.

This is exactly what has been done at Bercella, thanks to our partner Techcab, a leading company in industrial automation, whose corporate mission is to design, build and install automated control systems. With nine years of active experience in the international arena, Techcab contributes to the expansion of several topics that are very close to our heart: the trainingof tomorrow’s talents and the export of Made in Italy excellences. At company level, we have recently welcomed a new “colleague”, Cobotechc, who will support Bercella in managing the access/exit of employees and external collaborators through a unique QR Code – in this latter case with the additional functionality of notify the person with whom the appointment will take place, in order to further streamline the procedure. In addition, Cobotechc will be at our side to detect body temperature, a feature that makes it an electromedical instrument all-round. The temperature measurement takes place in a very precise way thanks to a sensor able to consider the internal and external temperature, calculating that of the person with a tolerance of ±0.2 ° C (other instruments reach a tolerance of ±1, 0 ° C). At the beginning, mention was made of the role of Bercella and Techcab in the training of new talents. Cobotechc is also an example in this area, because with the University of Parma, which proved to be a receptive and competent partner, the functions of 3D face scanning, monitoring of the necessary PPEs, and object detection have been developed. Let’s see them in detail.

User’s biometric recognition

If the biometric recognition does not validate the image linked to the badge, the check-in process is stopped.

Face mask check

Neural networks and machine learning allow Cobotechc, not only to detect if the user is wearing a mask, but also to understand if they are using it correctly and not just covering their mouth and nose with another item (e.g. scar, tissue or a shirt).

RFID Recognition & Object Detection

Cobotechc is able to detect and validate the user’s correct usage of PPEs (e.g. helmet, safety goggles, gloves, etc.) thanks to the double security guaranteed by the RFID reader and object detection.

Mattia Moruzzi, XXX, sums up: “Techcab as a technological and innovative company, is fully committed to work with young and enthusiastic people, it is intrinsic in our nature. In the university we have found a professional partner to develop critical applications for Cobotechc.
From a company point of view, in addition to the personal esteem for Franco, Massimo, Rocco, and Paola, Bercella is synonymous with development, research and future. All these factors led me thinking that it was the right place to give Cobotech the visibility it deserves.”

Roberto Menozzi, Professor at Parma University, testifies the importance of the bond between universities and industries: “Cobotechc represents an exemplary case of the virtuous relationship that the university must build with companies, starting with those of its territory. For engineering degrees – but not only for these – collaboration with the surrounding industrial ecosystem is didactically very important because it allows students to begin to familiarize with the working environments in which they will soon fit. A successful example of this synergy is our collaboration with Techcab, which saw the undergraduates contribute with passion and profit to the project from its early stages, enriching their training with significant technical experience.”